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Magical Realism: From Seizure to Surgery

This is the second part of a three-part series on what it’s like to have a brain tumor diagnosed, then surgically removed. To read the first entry, ‘What it’s like to have a grand mal seizure’, click here. I left the hospital with an appointment to see a neurosurgeon and a large dose of medication […]

What it’s like to have a grand mal seizure

I wrote this account one week after having a grand mal seizure, and two weeks before having brain surgery to remove the tumor that caused it. At the time I was still having seizures every few days, and just the act of writing about the first seizure in such detail almost brought on another one. […]

Occupy Denver

Protesters were in a tense standoff with riot police when we arrived at what had been the Occupy Denver campsite. I was with eight other journalists from East Asia (including Mongolia, PNG and East Timor). We’d touched down in Denver, Colorado, just two hours earlier. Silently, police cars flashed around the site. Riot police stood […]